Let’s Try This Again.

As a follow-up to my hubby’s recent FB post:
I have been feeling the same way about the overwhelming, soul-crushing amount of horrible information we are blasted with when we open Facebook. While I too have turned off all social media notifications on my phone, I work on my laptop at home all day and FB is a part of my social interaction. More often than not, it is my only outlet. My 5-minute break, if you will. While I can argue for the other side (information is power and we have to be informed if we want to fight), I also think that there is nothing healthy about letting it consume you. I don’t think turning a blind eye is an answer to any problem, but I DO think we should get our fix, so to speak, from all outlets. It’s hard to find a story anywhere about anything that isn’t somehow rooted in political issues, but all the same I am going to start sharing things I find interesting. I am admittedly on the internet a lot. Probably more than most people. It’s the nature of what I do. Sprinkled in with all the bad, I see things that make me happy 🙂 Facebook has become less about blogging these days and for the most part people don’t like to see these long posts. They want quick links/big headline. Well … I don’t care and I am going to start blogging again. Not only that, but I will share all things I find uplifting or just interesting.

Here is something of interest – Meet your Grandpa (maybe):




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