Ah yes, this again.

Yet again, I forgot this blog existed.

I laughed when I read my last post. My life has been about 4 hours of sleep a night for a few months now. I think my body is producing it’s own supply of caffeine. It’s a struggle, but I secretly love it. I am sure that I wouldn’t if I weren’t working from home. It’s a strange thing to be a freelancer. I know I talk about this a lot, however it’s such a driving force in my life. It’s ironic, because I had my first baby so young. Instead of derailing my life, it kick-started it. And I owe the success I have today to that. Working from home causes people to assume I am lazy or don’t have a ‘real’ job and I tend to take that to heart too often. The fact is, I am nearly in the place I’ve always wanted to be. Coming from where I came from, it’s hard for me to believe. Having goals and sticking to them is the most important thing you can do for yourself. Inevitably, life will throw you curve balls and that’s part of the process. If these things didn’t happen to me, achieving those goals wouldn’t have the same gravity.

Family life: Gideon had a very successful (Daniel Tiger themed) 1st birthday party. He runs around like a wild man and LOVES the outdoors. We are leaving in a couple of weeks for Colorado and I can’t wait to get both of the kids out there. Bella is in Florida this week and is having a grand ol’ time.


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