Just things…

  1. I started oil pulling/detoxing today with 100% coconut oil. Made it through my first full (20-minute) round with no retching. Go me!
  2. Physicists heard two black holes converge. Rock ‘n’ roll.
  3. I have to Photoshop K. Michelle’s butt and cleavage on a standee I’m doing for JD … because she is “too exposed on top” and is getting her butt implants removed… “Seriously.”
  4. Gideon is a little crawling speed demon now teetering on the separation anxiety stage. When I went outside to warm the car up this morning, I found him bawling and crawling toward the door (blocked by his blocks … ha) when I came back in. Poor, sweet boy.
  5. Valentine’s Day. What?


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