Portfolio Prep

As I dive into my portfolio, I realize how quickly the world changes these days. When I was wrapping up my courses to graduate with an Associate of Arts degree in 2011, I was learning how to put together a physical portfolio. While we were also trained in web design and the importance of also having a presence online, a physical portfolio was still the most important piece of the interview process.

This was on the brink of the smart phone revolution and we had also dabbled in mobile web apps in school. Very soon after I graduated, the physical portfolio was ‘out’. This all happened in a matter of months. I would still consider myself a recent graduate, yet most of my knowledge of design (specifically web & app) was self-taught after the fact. Most of my interviews since have been a sort of portfolio presentation via iPad.

Now that it’s been several more years, I am noticing a fad rising. Antiquated techniques are all the rage. People are loving all things handmade. While this is definitely a movement I can get behind, it begs the question: Is a physical book the way to go again? One thing I’ve realized is that there is no definite answer to these kinds of questions. In my opinion, I think it depends on the company your interviewing with. In reality, it goes deeper than that. To the personality and personal preference of your interviewer, to be precise. But as there’s no way to anticipate that (even though you’ve already stalked them on LinkedIn) you have to play it by ear.

All that being said, I am building up a real book again. If nothing else, it’s inspiring me more than updating a web page would. And inspiration is something I need in this in-between time. I might add here that, although Southern Comfort is pretty much out of the picture, I’ve had a few clients from Jack Daniel’s contact me about work. It seems that my main client on that side was able to spread the word that I need work! If the world is good to me, this will mean I can continue doing what I love. Exactly what I love.

On a side note: This 60° weather in January 👌


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