Snow, snow, snow, SNOW!


The snowpocalypse wasn’t as epic as everyone expected. Who would’ve expected that?

It was looking like a Winter Wonderland around here for a couple of days, but nothing compared to the two feet of snow the Maryland family were buried in.

After my zen attitude about work gave way to tears and panic, I have found a middle ground. I sent out emails this morning, letting the BF world know I am completely available if they should need any help. I will save the rest of my emotional breakdown for when my leads don’t pan out. Preferably not in front of Marty’s grandma’s house this time, however…

Keeping my fingers crossed that all of this will work itself out. Since I graduated college, I haven’t worked anywhere longer than a year before the company went out of business or went through some major transition. It’s really quite amazing. 4 companies. All went out of business. I know how to pick ’em. But the point here is that each time this happens, there is a month or two of panic and scrimping. Then, I find something better.

Here’s to finding something better! Wait … where’s my drink?


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