“The Ngong Farm”

Last night, I dove into Out of Africa for the first time. I am loving it so far. This is likely due to the book beginning with a detailed description of the landscape around her. It’s reminiscent of Steinbeck, whom I love for the same reason. It’s definitely giving me the travel bug. And in turn, making me wish for summer. As it is, I am sitting next to the wood stove, making a grocery list to prepare for the 4 inches of snow coming tonight.

Although it’s no Africa, we are taking the kids on a road trip to Colorado this summer. Bella will be 8 (almost 9) and Gideon will be 1 (and some change). Should be interesting…

Gidge is on the verge of crawling. As a matter of fact, today might be the ‘big day’. He’s so close! Bee is getting more and more headstrong every day. Whether that is a good thing or bad thing is yet to be determined. I am truly thankful she is not as introverted as I was/am, and yet… She is only 8 years old and we already butt heads almost daily. She refuses to wear the clothes I pick out for her because “nobody at school wears that”. I like to think I am understanding when it comes to things like this. I’m aware that styles have changed and will continue to change. I am also aware that she is able to dress herself. The arguments come from the fact that she would sit on the couch all morning if I didn’t go get her an outfit and lay it in front of her. As well as the fact that she is 8 years old and WAY too concerned with what other people think of her. I don’t think it’s naive to say I’m fighting the good fight. I won’t stop trying to keep her open-minded. Part of the reason we are taking a 17-hour road trip this summer (with Gideon only being a year old) is to get her into a different environment. It’s a cliché line, but I don’t blame, or even dislike, our environment. I feel that traveling (even within the U.S.) will be a good way to see a bigger picture. All that being said, she is a good girl and has a good heart.

Time to get the work day started. In other news, Brown-Forman just sold Southern Comfort to Sazerac. As of right now, I don’t know what this means for me. All of my clients in the company are assuring me that this could actually results in more work for me. Several of them are going to new positions with other brands within the company. I am riding it out and keeping a positive view on the thing. I hate to think of this freelance gig ending. My current situation is really a dream-come-true. It allows me to be a work-from-home mom. It is the best of both worlds and I love it.

Successful first blog entry! I’ve never ‘blogged’ much before. I think this will keep me sane. The downside of being a work-from-home mom is that your only conversations (for most of the day) are with a 7-month-old and a cat.


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